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MSB still needs your information! MSB需要您的完整信息


You have been redirected to this page because we are still missing vital student and parent information for our school records.   

This may include student and parent profile information as well as important forms.  Unfortunately, you will currently not be able to access current After-school Activity (ASA) pages and school reports on the Parent Portal. 

As previously indicated in The Buzz, Email and WeChat messages, MSB requires updated records for all our students and families.  We need this information for two reasons:

(1) To ensure that we have most up-to-date contact (and emergency contact), medical and allergy information for all our students.    

(2) As an international school in Beijing, we are required to have updated passport and residency visa information for all our students and parents. 

To return to the Parent Portal to update your information, please login in below and click on the "Update Records" button. Please complete all required information in the Parent Portal. Once complete, you will be able to access your child's ASA selections.  Thank you for your cooperation.

If you are having problems accessing the Parent Portal or the Forms, you may come to the Elementary Building where the Campus Administrators can help you; we will have iPads and/or laptops available for you to use. Please be sure to bring electronic copies of the above-listed documents with you in order to complete the required forms.   

Once you have filled in all the information and completed the forms, you will be able to sign up for ASAs. Thank you for your cooperation.



学校近期一直在通过The Buzz,电子邮件和微信提醒家长们尽快将学生及学生家庭的最新信息提供给学校。这样做主要有以下两点原因:
(1)   根据学校的招生政策,家长有义务将与孩子相关的重要信息提供给学校,包括孩子监护人的最新联系信息(含紧急联系人信息)及孩子的医疗和过敏信息。

返回家长页面填写信息需要您点击下面的"Update Records"按钮请按照要求填写所有的内容.当您完善信息以后就可以访问ASA课外活动并进行报名.感谢您的理解与合作!

您可以通过登陆Parent Portal,然后在首页上点击“Go to Forms”进入表格进行填写;如果您在登录Parent Portal或填写表格时遇到问题,请您在本周内及时来到小学部教学楼的前台,校园管理员可以帮助您解决相关问题。学校备有iPad和/或笔记本电脑可供您使用,但请务必携带以上所列文件的电子版,以完成表格的填写。

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