Visual Arts

Imagination, creativity and personal expression

These are nurtured and celebrated in our visual arts program. While some students are honing their skills for a career in the arts, others just love the opportunity to explore new ways of expression.

A stepping-stone approach affords art students the opportunity to enter at a basic level and as their skill, talent and interest escalate, they progress to the higher-level courses of Studio Art and AP Studio Art.

Near the close of each semester, art exhibitions allow the entire student body to celebrate our artists and their creative accomplishments.

In addition to the traditional arts courses, BCHS offers courses in technical arts such as introduction to graphic design.

Our fine arts curriculum stimulates and challenges artists no matter their level of experience.


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NameJoseph, Scott
PositionDepartment Head, Teacher

NameWatson, Derik
PositionTeacher, Head Coach