SAT/ACT Program

The only one of its kind in Kern County 

This unique approach to preparedness for the SAT, ACT and PSAT equips all BCHS students through specialized curriculum and seminars incorporated into the school day.

Program Features

  • BCHS students are exposed to intentional SAT test preparation beginning the first week of their freshman year.
  • Weekly practice with higher-order questions like those used on the SAT in English and Mathematics.
  • Biweekly exposure to critical-thinking questions in History and Science.
  • 20 SAT seminar sessions during junior year within the school day including a full-length, scored practice test.
  • Seminars and sessions are led by the BCHS President and faculty, plus incorporated instruction in classes.
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SAT success starts with preparing for the PSAT

The PSAT is the entryway into the National Merit Scholarship Program, as well as a strong predictor for SAT success. While most juniors take the PSAT nationwide, BCHS students begin taking the PSAT their sophomore year.

The PSAT identifies strengths and weaknesses of each student as assessed by the College Board. Then, combined with personal analysis from BCHS team of the Vice President of Academic Growth and faculty, sessions are utilized to improve weakness in core subject areas for students who need it.

Students demonstrating a high level of testing propensity receive additional intensive PSAT preparation in a seminar setting beginning their freshman year.
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higher than the state & national averages


Average SAT Scores

Based on a maximum score of 1600


At no additional cost beyond BCHS tuition, this program can save thousands of dollars of outside SAT/ACT tutoring with the added convenience of being held on campus during the school day. Plus, BCHS supplies a study book for every prep seminar each year.


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NameChai, Steven
PositionVice President of Academic Growth

NameBuetow, John

NameChandler, Susan
PositionDirector of Counseling

NameCriss, Carissa

Benefits Beyond the Test

Additional benefits of this targeted training translates into higher-order thinking proficiency, plus preparedness for Advanced Placement work, college placement tests, college courses, as well as post collegiate tests such as the LSAT, MCAT and GRE.
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