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The philosophy of raising funds at Bakersfield Christian High School emphasizes voluntary giving. All fundraising activities fall under the direction of the Advancement Office. Each year parents are encouraged to choose one of our three major fundraising events in which to participate. By concentrating our effort in these events - the Eagle Classic Golf Tournament, The Key Event and the Annual Fund Drive - we eliminate the need to constantly ask parents for support. We rely on our parent community to assist us in seeking resources to benefit the school, such as gift-in-kind donations, financial contributions and foundation gifts. Your participation in the annual fund and our fundraising events is a necessity for the advancement and development of our institution.

Special Events for Need-based Financial Aid

Bakersfield Christian High School has a very important calling - to give students the best Christian education possible. We are committed to making sure that when they walk out of the school's doors into their future they will not only have an excellent education, but also a sense of direction and will have learned about what it means to be a Christian. Our goal is that when they have graduated, no matter what they become or where God leads them, they will be using their Christian compassion to reach out to the world. It is our dream that every student who shares this vision has the opportunity to attend BCHS.

The financial aid program at BCHS is making this dream a reality. Our diverse student body has been built with the guiding philosophy, that students who exemplify the mission of the school should be able to attend, regardless of financial ability. All aid is need-based. Each year between 25 and 30 percent of our students benefit from the school's financial aid program. In doing so, BCHS strives to be a good steward of the funds entrusted to us.

Learn more about our two annual fundraising events that help raise the monetary foundation for the need-based financial aid program.






NameDierks, Karen
PositionVice President of Advancement

NameScanlon, Nichole
PositionAdvancement Assistant

NameTabangcora, Megan