8-Period School Day

8-Period School Day

In 2018-19, BCHS began offering an eight-period school day which  provides greater scheduling flexibility, increased elective opportunities, and additional sections yielding smaller class sizes. To capitalize on these benefits, BCHS also minimized inherent issues like a longer school day, athletic conflicts and increased academic workloads.

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  • How does an eight-period day provide greater scheduling flexibility?
    • It reduces scheduling conflicts.
      The ability to spread courses that are offered just once across the master schedule decreases the likelihood of scheduling conflicts. Every year, students are forced to choose courses that fit into their schedule. With greater flexibility, students will have an increased likelihood of being able to schedule their desired classes.
  • How does an eight-period day improve elective course opportunities?
    • It allows BCHS to offer additional elective courses.
      Within our current seven-period schedule, student credit requirements typically consume six periods (Bible, English, Math, Science, History/Social Sciences, World Language) with the remaining period being a Visual and Performing Arts, Physical Education, or an Elective. This restricts the number of electives BCHS can offer. By providing one more period, your student has a greater opportunity to take an elective(s) that he/she desires as well as allows BCHS to offer additional elective courses.

      It provides room for Study Hall.
      Only 25% of students currently take a study hall period, even though nearly 85% are involved in a significantly time consuming extracurricular activity (Athletics, Drama, FFA, Academic Decathlon, etc.). With this increased demand on a student’s time, the opportunity to take a study hall is invaluable. An additional period during the school day dedicated for study becomes crucial for a busy student.
  • How does an eight-period day allow for reduced class sizes?
    • It allows BCHS to potentially increase the number of sections in required courses.
      The number of sections we offer is dependent upon how many periods in which we can schedule a course. With an additional period, we can add more sections where needed, which in turn will reduce class sizes. The size of a class has a direct impact on the learning environment and keeping our class sizes smaller is academically desirable. 

  • What is BCHS doing to reduce the concern of a longer school day?
    • It requires minimally adding and subtracting minutes from before, within and after our current schedule.
      Within the school day, minutes have been trimmed in areas that should have no impact on our overall academic program. The school day will begin at 8:15 a.m. The school day will end as follows according to our varying bell schedules:

      • Monday Standard dismissal: 3:15 pm.
      • Tuesday Odd Block dismissal: 3:05 p.m.
      • Wednesday Even Block dismissal: 3:05 p.m.
      • Thursday Standard Chapel dismissal: 3:30 p.m.
      • Friday Standard dismissal: 3:15 p.m.

      Athletic practices will adjust accordingly.
      Athletic game dismissals currently present an attendance challenge for our athletes. It will be no different with the new schedule. We will be mindful where we schedule certain classes, when possible, to reduce potential athletic conflicts.

  • What is BCHS doing to address increasing a student’s workload?
    • Parents and their student(s) will determine the workload. 
      BCHS elective teachers have been able to keep students’ workloads to a minimum. It is our continued commitment that elective courses remain highly enjoyable with minimal academic demand. We realize there will be students who choose to increase their academic workload, but this will be a product of their own decision. With an additional period to take a study hall course, this move to an eight-period school day can help ease a student’s workload. 

      Graduation requirements will be adjusted accordingly.
      This spring, we will be reviewing current graduation requirements and making adjustments to reflect the new expectation that students will take seven academic courses their freshman, sophomore and junior years. Seniors will be required to take six academic courses in their final year at BCHS.

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