Gifted Support Group:
Twice-Exceptional (2E) Panel

Facilitators: Claire Parod and Debora Wong, Co-Facilitators of Los Angeles Gifted Homeschoolers (LAuGHs)

Tuesday, May 22nd • 6:30 p.m.
540 South Marengo Avenue, Pasadena, California 91101

The term “twice-exceptional” (2e) refers to individuals who are both gifted and have a learning, emotional, behavioral, or social issue. Sometimes obvious, sometimes hidden – these children are often walking dichotomies. The seeming contradictions might play out in unusual ways. Is your son able to build detailed models and sculptures, but is unable to tie his shoes? Is your daughter able to read epic tomes, but unable to write or spell simple words? Is your son able to grasp high-level mathematical concepts, but struggles with arithmetic? Is your daughter an enthusiastic, curious learner at home, but shuts down or acts out at school? Join us for an informative and enlightening panel discussion with speakers who are successfully unraveling the mysteries of their children’s twice-exceptionalities. Learn about the signs and characteristics that made these parents dig deeper. Hear about their journeys, including identification, diagnosis, therapies and accommodations. Each of these parents have empowered their children by focusing on their unique strengths while positively building up their areas of challenge.

About the Panelists

Marcie Carlstedt Booth is a mother to two twice-exceptional sons. Her eldest struggled through public middle school and high school. He is now studying Engineering and Electronics at University. Her younger son faced health issues on top of being 2e. He is currently attending at a community college part-time. Marcie is passionate about helping other families of twice-exceptional children. She is the founder of Twice-Exceptional/ 2E Network LA and Twice-Exceptional/2E Network International. She is a certified Parent Mentor, an Educational Advocate and a tutor for 2E families.

Joan Cass the mother of a 2e teenager, has become an expert “researcher” in addition to homeschooling her son. Working through her son's multiple physical diagnoses, learning issues and giftedness, have led her on a journey where, much like peeling an onion, each layer of knowledge and understanding gave way to another complex interaction between his immune system, gut, & nervous system. Understanding how it all fits together and can negatively impact an individual’s learning, self-concept, and spirit, along with his ability to demonstrate his giftedness comfortably. She has 11 + years of pulling together information from different disciplines to support her son’s (and others) mind/body/spirit growth.

Dr. Joanna Haase lives the life that her clients live. The parent of two twice exceptional children (ages 20 and 16) with wildly different temperaments and exceptionalities, Dr. Haase has seen the benefits and costs of traditional school, acceleration, homeschool, medication, therapies of all types and everything in between. Her journey through the joys and frustrations of parenting 2E children has created wisdom, hope and passion for assisting parents and families. Dr. Haase is a practicing psychotherapist with 28 years of experience. She is co-founder of both Gifted Research and Outreach and California Gifted Network.

Dr. Margo Malakoff’s 2E parenting journey started when her son was diagnosed with Childhood Apraxia of Speech at 2 years of age. Many other 2E-related diagnoses followed. In the past, Margo’s son attended school and was homeschooled. He now successfully attends the Integrated Arts Program at California School of the Arts-SGV. Dr. Malakoff holds a PhD in Developmental Psychology, with a career at Harvey Mudd College, National Institutes of Health, and Random-Macon College (Virginia). She is not retired from academia.

Amanda Millett is a parent of two 2e boys with different needs, challenges, and educational paths. Amanda’s eldest attends LAUSD HG Magnet schools and will attend LACSHA (Los Angeles County High School for the Arts) this fall. Her youngest, began in public school, and was homeschooled. Amanda underwent lengthy due process proceedings with LAUSD, her son is now in his second year at Bridges Academy for 2E children. Amanda serves as a parent ambassador at Bridges Academy; she is also co-founder of JUST Landscapes (Justice for Urban Schools Through restorative landscape).

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