Tuition & Fees

2017-2018 Fees 学费

  • Tuition Fees 学费
    • 2017-2018 Tuition Fees 学费



      1.  Tuition, lunch and bus fees for students who enrol after the start of the school year will be billed on a pro-rated basis. 

      2.  Tuition fees are mostly inclusive and cover: Specialised Language support for both Chinese and English, all learning materials, a school bag, PE uniforms, as well as field trips (including the Grade 5 & 6 overnight field trip.

      3.  Additional support, which is deemed by the Academic Team to be in excess of our teachers’ range of support and resources, such as intensive English language instruction (AEP) and Learning Support (LS), is not included in the above tuition fees. An additional fee will be assessed based on the student’s individual needs to access the curriculum.

      4.  A refundable ¥20,000 Placement Deposit payment is required when a child enrolls at MSB. Please see below for refund terms and conditions.

      5.  Families opting to pay by instalments must complete and sign an Application for Payment by Instalments form by 31 March 2017.

      Application Fee 报名费

      A non-refundable and non-transferable application fee of ¥2,500 must accompany each application. An application will not be considered until the application fee is received.


  • Placement Deposit 学位保证金

    • MSB requires a ¥20,000 Placement Deposit per child. This is a one-time, non-interest bearing security deposit, held by the school for the entire duration of the student's enrolment. It is required to secure an applicant's place at MSB.

      Once a student leaves MSB, the Placement Deposit will be refunded in accordance with MSB's Withdrawal and Refund policy (see below), following the deduction of any amount owed to the school. This includes any outstanding tuition, lunch and bus fees, as well as any unreturned school materials. 

      Please note:  In accordance with government regulations, MSB cannot issue an official fapiao because the Placement Deposit is a refundable payment. The school will issue a Placement Deposit receipt, which must be returned before a refund can be issued. This is to ensure that the Placement Deposit is returned to the proper party.




  • Additional Fees 额外的费用

    • Additional support programmes such as the Accelerated English Programme (AEP) and Learning Support (LS) are not included in the annual tuition fees.  Enrolment in MSB's additional support programmes is based on the student's assessments and is mandatory for the student to successfully meet the demands of the curriculum. 

      MSB reserves the right to withdraw a student if parents refuse the recommended additional support. 



      Accelerated English Programme (AEP) 英语基础强化课程(AEP)

      Reception and Elementary students who are assessed and found to have little or no English language skills may require daily support in order to build the language skills they need to function in their classroom and communicate with their peers. These students will be required to enroll into the Accelerated English Programme (AEP).

      The AEP Programme is provided at an additional fee of ¥10,000 per school year.  

      MSB reserves the right to withdraw a student if parents refuse the recommended additional support. 




      Learning Support (LS)  特殊学习辅导(LS)

      In the event that the school deems a child in need of additional assistance, MSB will work with the parents to provide the best care and support for their child. Additional needs include, but are not limited to: regular learning support, speech therapy, psycho-educational evaluation, a full-time shadow, etc.

      During the admission process, students with learning difficulties are evaluated on an individual basis to determine if the school can provide for their needs.  MSB requires applicants with previously identified learning needs to provide past school records, evaluations and accurate information of multi-disciplinary services in use.

      For those students who are admitted with learning support needs, a fee will be levied to cover all additional manpower costs.  Should the parents of a child in need of any additional assistance refuse to agree to MSB’s plan for support, the school reserves the right to withdraw the child from school.




      Athletics 体育活动

      Students participating in sporting events representing MSB may be required to contribute to transportation and tournament participation fees.


  • Payment Terms 付款条款

    • Tuition Fees 学费

      Tuition fees are due on 26 May 2017, or by the date specified on the invoice. Payments are on an annual basis; a surcharge will be incurred for those opting to pay in installments. Parents who pay their children’s tuition fee themselves and have 3 or more children enrolled at MSB will receive a 5% discount on tuition fees for each child.



      Lunch and Bus Fees 餐费和校车费

      Bus and lunch fees are due by the date stated on the invoice.  


      Additional Fees 额外费用

      All additional fees (including, but not limited to: AEP and LS) must be paid by the date specified on the invoice. MSB reserves the right to withdraw a student if additional support fees are not paid. 


      Late Payment 迟付款

      No child will be allowed to attend class until his/her tuition has been paid. Furthermore, no child will be allowed to take the school bus and/or consume a school lunch if payment has not been made. An additional charge of 2% per month, compounded monthly, will be assessed on any overdue school fees.  


      Payment Options 付款选择

      All tuition, lunch and bus fees must be paid in RMB*. Payment may be made by cash, card or bank transfer.  

      Card Payments:  MSB accepts the following:
           • Union Pay debit cards. 
                       Please be advised that transactions will incur a service charge of RMB 20 per use.

           •  Chinese Visa or Mastercard (which must also include the Union Pay logo). 
                       Please be advised, according to bank policies, a service fee of 0.6% will be charged per transaction.

      Bank Transfers:  All payments must include the student’s name and invoice number in the payment instructions in order to facilitate credit to the correct account.  

      •  Domestic bank transfers must be made using the School's Chinese Information shown below (school name, bank name, bank branch and address).
      •  International bank transfers must be made using the School’s full legal name: The International Montessori School of Beijing.

      *Wire transfers in a foreign currency are permitted; however, the funds must be credited to the school’s account in RMB.  Payment must be made according to the prevailing exchange rate approved by the Bank of China to avoid discrepancies between the invoice and the amount credited to the school’s account.


        • 银联借记卡




      •  国内网银转账请使用学校的中文信息(包括学校名称,银行名称及地址)
      •  国际汇款,请务必使用学校的英文全称:The International Montessori School of Beijing


  • Withdrawals and Refunds 退学及退款

    • MSB must receive written notice of a student’s withdrawal from school. MSB须接到书面的退学申请

      Tuition Fee and Placement Deposit Refunds 学费及学位保证金的退还

      Tuition fee refunds will be calculated on a term-basis according to the withdrawal notification deadlines outlined in the table below. No refund or partial refunds will be issued for any term in which the student was in attendance. Autumn term tuition fees are not refundable after 26 May 2017. No tuition refunds will be issued after 1 December 2017.

      The Placement Deposit will be refunded based on the withdrawal deadlines below. A full refund will only be issued if there are no outstanding tuition, lunch, bus and school material fees.


      Lunch and Bus Fee Refunds 餐费及校车费

      One month’s written notice is required for cancellation of bus and lunch fees. Bus and lunch fees will be refunded on a pro-rated basis.


      Additional Support Programme Fee Refunds 额外费用的退还

      Additional Support Programme fees (such as AEP, or LS) for students who withdraw from MSB will be refunded in accordance with the Withdrawal and Refund schedule below. Refunds will be issued at the end of the academic year.

      对于申请退学的学生,额外支付费用(例如AEP, LS)的退还将依据退学退费条款。退款将在学期末时支付。


      1 For annual tuition payment only. Does not apply to payment by instalments. 仅限于学费年付方式,不适用于分期付款方式。
       2 The Placement Deposit will be refunded in full only if all outstanding tuition, bus, lunch, after school activity and school material fees have been paid. 在所有费用,包括学费、餐费、校车费及其他费用全部付清的前提下,学位保证金才可全额退还

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