Special Events

Life at MSB is never dull. Every day brings something new, whether it’s book-inspired bear hunts or amazing new science experiments.

We also host a multitude of events throughout the year, spanning everything from athletics to science to charity. Among these, some of the most highly anticipated are Literacy Week and the Elementary winter performances. Our teachers are never afraid to get in on the fun, too. Always in search of a reason to dress up, our staff have transformed into everything from the beloved residents of the Hundred Acre Wood to the Queen of England.

Field Trips

MSB Reception and Elementary students embark on three field trips per year. These trips often coincide with the children’s lessons and present a great opportunity for them to practise their teamwork and try something new. Previous trips include visits to Beijing Aofan Sailing Club, the Beijing Planetarium and Agrilandia Italian Farm. Field trips are a wonderful opportunity to extend the students' learning beyond the classroom, provide real-life opportunities for character building, as well as to increase the students' understanding of the Beijing community.

Students in Grades 5 and 6 also embark on an overnight field trip every spring. For the past three years, MSB partnered with The Hutong to take students on a two or three-night trips to Zhangjiakou, during which they learned about Genghis Khan, slept in gers (yurts) and practiced Mongolian wrestling and archery and to Hebei, where they participated in the The Emperor and the Assassin program which looked at the history and cultural significance of attempted assassination of China's first Emperor. In May 2017, the students spent three days in the Dalian area exploring China's tumultous history.