Our Programs

Dual Language & English Only Programs

MSB offers the option of two equally strong academic programs for children in Early Childhood and Elementary.* Enrolment into each program is decided prior to the start of each academic year.

* In Toddler, children are immersed in a bilingual environment that alternates freely between English and Chinese. In this program, children master key vocabulary in both languages in preparation for entry into the Dual Language or English Only programs.

Dual Language

The Dual Language Program delivers the entire MSB curriculum in two languages, with students spending half of each school day in English and Chinese environments. During the English-led portion of the day, children are taught from the maths and language curriculum, with follow-up lessons and additional support being held in Chinese. During the Chinese-led portion of the school day, students are presented with a full Chinese curriculum that not only includes lessons in the Chinese language (i.e., reading, writing, speaking and listening), but also covers the geography, history and cultural traditions of China.

MSB’s Dual Language Program is unlike any other in Beijing. All of our Chinese learning materials and lessons were created by our Chinese Department rendering them unique to our school. Meanwhile, our English-language materials and lessons have been specially adapted to suit students within an international setting. The success of such a complex and dynamic program lies in the dedication of our English and Chinese lead teachers who work to ensure a seamless transition between the two language environments and a unified approach to the curriculum.

English Only

In the MSB English Only Program, all lessons and learning materials are delivered in English. However, children in this program will still receive 50 minutes of Intensive Chinese instruction per day. Non-native English speakers may receive extra support through the English as an Additional Language (EAL) Department depending on individual needs.

The Little MSBees Program

The Little MSBees, an extension of our preschool programs, is our foundational program offered for infants and toddlers aged 6 to 24-months-old. In this program, which is part of the first plane of development of Montessori education, the young child and their parent/caregiver participate in age-appropriate activities together, building language, independence, gross motor skills and social skills in the loving, safe, and calm environment of an infant classroom. 

Participating in this program helps the child to be socially and emotionally prepared when they are old enough to move up to the Toddler classroom. In addition, the child is introduced to some early Montessori materials and is exposed to classroom routines and structures. 

During each Little MSBees session, a child and adult are exposed to the sensory stimulation, social time and music and story areas with each one focusing on a key developmental area. The sessions and/or activities will be divided into two age groups, 6 to 12 months and 12 – 24 months, and will be explicitly designed for the children in that age range:

Why Our Little MSBees Program?


               • Your child will benefit from a strong, developmentally appropriate foundation, setting them up for their future educational journey.  They develop their language skills, their fine and gross motor skills, their visual and auditory perception and their body and spatial awareness. Your child will also develop essential social skills as they mingle with their peer group, and all the while this is taking place, the children are learning to take instruction from a new authority figure.
               • You will be supported by a trained Montessori teacher as you interact and encourage your child, nurturing their growth and development as they explore the prepared environment. Along the way, you will also learn about the Montessori philosophy and the proven benefits of this method of teaching. 
               • You will be able to develop a “parenting toolkit” with skills and practical tips for applying Montessori ideas at home. By becoming familiar with Montessori principles, you will be able to make the most of your time with your child.
               • The Little MSBees class allows parents to meet other parents, have fun with their child, whilst having the opportunity to socialize both in class and on the playground.

Middle School Intensive Language Program 

MSB’s Dual Language Program has been a hallmark of the school for decades.  As our students step into the Middle School, they will use what they have learned as guideposts for our new Intensive Language program.  The Intensive Language program will allow students to improve their language and writing skills in both English, Chinese, and a third language. 

In grades 6 through 8, students will have the opportunity for a daily, one-hour, immersive language class in either Chinese or English.  To develop comprehension skills our program will feature the following:
        • Analysis of a variety of texts.
        • Opportunities for oral practice through debates, discussions, group work, and daily living conversation.
        • Extensive written assignments where students will apply grammar, vocabulary, and syntax in order to synthesize the language.

Areas of interest in the Intensive Language classes include current events, poetry, drama, creative writing, and personal interest projects.  

Experiential Education

Experiential education is foundational to our academic work. Two vital parts of our Middle School Program will be our start of the year Odyssey Trip and our participation in the Model Montessori United Nations (MMUN).  

Our Odyssey Trip is a beginning of the year excursion, designed to bring the class together and to rely on one other. Our students hike and camp in a place of geographical and historical significance.  Students are accompanied by their teachers and expert guides.  This first experience establishes strong bonding, builds exciting memories, and lays the groundwork for our academic program.

The MMUN is a specially designed venue for Montessori students from all over the world to come together. Taking place annually in New York and Geneva, participants in this distinctive experience become citizens of different nations, proposing solutions to current issues.  A widening of the students’ perspective and a feeling of empowerment is developed as they become ambassadors of their countries. The United Nations organizations are researched extensively by each student. The 4-day conference allows time for resolution writing, forming relationships with others around the world, and sight-seeing in the city.

MSB’s mixed age classrooms will continue to take center stage in the Middle School.  It is imperative in the world today to know how, and more importantly, to be comfortable working with different ages and generations. With many workers retiring later in their careers, there are currently five separate, and very distinct, generations in the workplace together. The respect imbued in a mixed age Montessori classroom will provide a significant leg up for our students as they move into the workforce.