Our Classrooms

Our classrooms are specially designed with the child in mind.They are welcoming spaces full of natural light, wooden furniture and plenty of space for children to move freely and work comfortably. These classrooms serve as the children’s primary learning environments for MSB’s language, maths and culture curricula. We also boast several dedicated Chinese classrooms, all of which have been designed to reflect Chinese art and culture. 

All of our classrooms are equipped with a sink and a snack area. Our Preschool classrooms (Toddler and Early Childhood 1 & 2) also have their own restrooms. 

Class Sizes

MSB believes strongly in small class sizes and low student-teacher ratios. Our classes are capped at 24 children and adhere to a student-teacher ratio of just 4:1 in Toddler and Early Childhood 1 & 2, 6:1 in  Early Childhood 3 and 8:1 in Elementary and Middle School. 

Work Areas

The MSB classroom is composed of several distinct sections, each devoted to a single subject area. These sections are home to a unique set of learning materials specially selected by our teachers to reinforce the children’s understanding of a new skill or concept being taught. Students may access these materials throughout the school day to complete the exercises found within. Over time, as the children progress through the curriculum, the learning materials grow more complex and abstract. 

At MSB, we teach our students to be responsible for their shared classroom environments. This means keeping work spaces tidy and returning all materials to their rightful places. Children are given the freedom to modify their classrooms as needed, moving tables together for group discussions or pulling them apart to work independently.

Mixed-Age Groups

The Montessori philosophy advocates mixed-age classrooms to allow for a truly unique learning dynamic where older students become mentors to their younger peers.

At MSB, mixed-aged classrooms may be found in Early Childhood 1 & 2, Elementary and Middle School. Early Childhood 1 & 2 at MSB is a two-year and one three-year program that groups children aged 3 to 5 and 3 to 6 respectively in a single classroom. In Elementary, two grades are combined into a single classroom, with Grades 1 and 2, Grades 3 and 4, and while Middle school has Grade Grades 6 & 7. Early Childhood 3 and Grade 5 are not mixed-age groups.