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Welcome to MSB’s Online Admissions Portal

欢迎您进入MSB网上报名系统(Admissions Portal)

MSB's online admissions portal is currently being updated. If you would like to apply, please come back after 14 November when the portal will be re-opened. In the meantime, if you have any questions about an existing application or you would like to contact the Admissions Department, please email or call (+8610) 6432 8228. Thank you.

MSB的网上报名系统目前正在升级,在此期间无法进行网上报名。系统升级完毕后会在11月14日再次向家长开放。如果在此期间您有任何与报名相关的问题或想与招生部联系,请发电子邮件至,或拨打电话(+8610) 6432 8228。谢谢!