Gifted Support Group:
Hidden Challenges for Our Gifted and Twice Exceptional Students

Speaker: Cindy Z. Hansen, Educational Therapist and GATE Specialist

Tuesday, April 16 • 6:00 p.m.
540 South Marengo Avenue, Pasadena, CA 91101

A successful learning environment combines empathy, understanding, and high expectations while adjusting the details to assure that a child grows educationally, emotionally and socially on a daily basis. To appreciate the nuanced contradictions of the gifted child who struggles to learn, we must dispel myths, build an understanding of their unique journey, and embrace their need for higher cognitive experiences. In this demonstration and discussion, participants will explore the myths of Giftedness which may delay support services for our GATE students. We will experience some of the challenges twice-exceptional (2E) students face in the classroom, and discuss some easy modifications which can make a substantial difference in students' lives.  Exploring the range of cognitive diversity in our bright children we may better support them educationally and social-emotionally.

About the Speaker

Cynthia Z. Hansen is an AET Educational Therapist/Professional in private practice specializing in gifted, twice-exceptional, and creative individuals with executive function delays, ADHD, dyslexia and unique learning profiles. A California credentialed educator for over 35 years, Cindy was initiated into the world of gifted education by her two twice exceptional boys, who became her guideposts throughout her post-graduate studies.

In addition to her educational mentoring, Cindy is a SENG Model Parent Group facilitator and consults with public and private schools, and she is a nationally recognized speaker on issues facing gifted and twice-exceptional children and their parents. 

Ms. Hansen received her Masters of Education and Teaching Certificates from UCLA and earned her post-masters certificate in Gifted and Talented Education at UCSB.  She has participated in Structured Word Inquiry training and the inaugural 2018 Bridges 2E Master’s Classes. Ms. Hansen is a Board Representative for California Association for the Gifted Pacific Region (Tri-County GATE Council) and is the Marketing and Outreach Director for the Association of Educational Therapists.

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