Gifted Support Group:
Beyond Instant Information: Engaging Generation Z Gifted Students

Speaker: Hillary Jade, IEA Program Manager

Tuesday, January 15th • 6:00 p.m.
540 South Marengo Avenue, Pasadena, California 91101

Generation Z, born between 1995 and 2009, is the largest and most rapidly-growing age demographic in the United States and will constitute one-third of its population by 2020. This “digital generation” has faster and easier access to information, data, networks, and media than any generation before it – rendering traditional schooling and learning nearly obsolete. And yet, schools and learning groups are steadily revising their structure and content to meet the needs of these students – particularly the Gifted – beginning with student-centered research and feedback. Ms. Jade will shares ideas, tips, and strategies for engaging Generation Z Gifted students in both digital and non-digital ways and present on findings that show how this generation needs an entirely different style of teaching, parenting, and support.  


About the Speaker

A former gifted student, Hillary spent five years as a Program Director with Summer Institute for the Gifted, where she oversaw day and residential summer programs for Gifted and Talented students, before joining IEA. Hillary earned her B.A. in German from The University of Puget Sound and her M.A. in German from Middlebury College – both degrees of which she utilized as an ESL teacher in Germany for five years. Since 2013, she has enjoyed attending educational conferences and presenting at state gifted conferences on the social-emotional needs of gifted students, generational studies, design theory, and the importance of summer programming and academic enrichment. A former camp director – and self-proclaimed “camp nerd” – Hillary is excited to manage IEA’s programs, as they emphasize passion, integrity, creativity, perseverance, and balance. Hillary enjoys keeping up with her German, cooking, road trips, exploring LA and studying nonprofit management. 

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